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Principles and Values of Libertarianism:

As Libertarians, we believe the following Principles in drafting, conceptualizing, or implementing any type of public policy:

  1. We uphold the primacy of individual liberty, political freedom, and voluntary association.
  2. We uphold the free market.
  3. We uphold individual rights as law and advocate self-governance.
  4. We uphold all rights as naturally inalienable.
  5. We uphold constitutions as foundational legal documents establishing parameters of governance.
  6. We recognize any rights of the government as endowed by the People and therefore subject to the Will of the People.
  7. We uphold respect and honor towards each other as essential to the preservation of individual liberty and the moral principle of self-ownership.
  8. We believe individuals have supreme authority to control our own bodies, minds, actions, speech, and property. Government’s only role is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud.
  9. We uphold that government shall not encroach or over-regulate business, nor select winners or losers because a free market based on individual choice best determines success or failure.
  10. We believe that limited government, the value of  individual liberty, and the protection of personal property is the basis of all governmental policy and actions.
  11. We strive to abolish the notion of an authoritarian police state and a disempowering  nanny state.
  12. We believe in a noninterventionist foreign policy and that war should only be declared and fought according to the Constitution and in defense of our nation.
  13. We uphold individuals as competent and responsible for allocating resources earned by their labor.


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