Platform Committee

Platform Committee


LPEPC Staff Liaison Education Director

Terms of Office 1 year term; renewable at Annual Convention.

Committee Makeup
The Platform Committee shall consist of at least one Contributing Member who is Chair of the Platform Committee.

Mission Statement
The Platform Committee maintains the efficacy of the LPEPC Constitution and Platform in conjunction with the Party’s activities.
The Platform Committee shall become familiar with the activities of the Party and the efficacy of the Constitution and the Platform and shall make a yearly report to the Board of Directors which shall include any recommended amendments.

The committee makes appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors, after which it reports to the membership at the Annual Convention followed by the LPCO Convention.

Committee Meetings
LPEPC: One in-person meeting per year at Annual Meeting; any Special Convention with Platform on the agenda;
LPCO: Annual Convention

Estimated Time Commitment
Platform Committee Chair: 10 hours per year
Platform Committee Member: 8 hours per year

Qualifications/ Responsibilities
Platform Committee Chair:

  • The Chair should have prior work within the Libertarian Party and have excellent familiarity with the structure of LPEPC and the Platform of the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Colorado.
  • The Chair reviews information pertinent to LPEPC Platform and leads the discussion among committee members during Platform meetings.
  • The Chair ensures that all proposed Platform amendments, with the assistance of the Staff Liaison, are promulgated to the membership at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the Annual Convention.
  • The Chair will also present proposed amendments to the membership at the Annual Convention.
  • The LPEPC Platform is also reviewed for consistency; with amendments to the Platform approved periodically by the LPEPC Board of Directors.
  • The Chair shall coordinate with the LPCO Platform Committee and report as required by the LPCO.
  • The Chair shall keep a Continuity Binder.


  • Members should have good communication skills and familiarity with LPEPC Platform.
  • Committee members participate in the discussion Special Conventions regarding all proposed Platform amendments approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Members are responsible for bringing issues pertaining to governing Platform of each Section to the LPEPC Platform Committee. Likewise, members are responsible for relaying LPEPC Platform amendments and discussions to the Board and the Platform Committee.