The Libertarian Party of El Paso County, Colorado

After several years without official LP presence, El Paso County reorganized and became LPCO’s biggest County Affiliate in 2013. We have used our time wisely. In the first year Libertarian voter registration in El Paso County rose by 60%! Registrations are through the roof, many Libertarians are on the ballot, and volunteers are out in force spreading the word about liberty!

lpepcsignwavepromoLPEPC has done several community outreach events. There are several community outreach volunteer opportunities planned for the future as well. The Libertarian Party of El Paso County supports charities that receive little to no government assistance in order to support “Less Government, More Freedom.” Alliances have been formed with liberty-minded groups in the area and we continue to work with like-minded organizations. We are always in need of volunteers to help us serve our community.

LPEPC participates in our local government. We have testified at City Council meetings. We work with candidates and campaigns. Come see how you can also be directly involved in politics here in El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, and Monument, Colorado.

We have a fun and informative member meeting on the Third Thursday of every month. We have had policy forums on important issues facing the voters. We also take care of business with monthly Board Meetings and Annual Meetings. See our calendar for locations and times of these events.

Check out the Facebook page for daily updates: