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Board Elections

In January 2020 elections were held for the following Board Positions. The next elections will be held at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Click links for details about each position:

Chair Victoria Ciraolo
Vice Chair  Nathan Foutch
Interim Secretary Victoria Ciraolo (position available)
Treasurer John Hjersman

The elected officials then appointed Directors and Committee Chairs to be representatives to the LPCO, and other positions as needed. They will then decide how many of those will be voting Board positions for 2020, the bylaws allows up to 10 voting members.

Typical positions needed:

Affiliate Representative John Hjersman

Director-at-Large-Education (position available)

Director-at-Large-Outreach Judy Darcy

Bylaws Committee Chair Warren Price

Political Issues Liaison Committee Chair,

Manitou Springs Issues Liaison, Norman “Paotie” Dawson

Social Media Committee Chair, Judy Darcy

Convention Committee Chair, Lance Haverkamp

Newsletter Editor, Jessica Senia

IT Coordinator, Aaron DeVandry & Lance Haverkamp

Finance Committee Chair

Graphics Design, Amy Lunde

El Paso County Political Issues Liaison

Colorado Springs Political Issues Liaison

Policy Committee Chair

Minutes Committee Chair

Agenda Committee Chair

Campaigns Committee Chair

Voter Registration Drive Committee Chair

Fundraising Committee Chair

Meeting Host

Event Photographer

Outreach Booths

Volunteers needed to help staff a table to do outreach on behalf of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County.
Familiar with the Libertarian Platform, registered Libertarian Party, familiar with The World’s Smallest Political Quiz, outgoing, well-spoken.

Libertarians believe in smaller government and we work with those that help to make government services unnecessary.

Soon we will be working with Crossfire Ministries. We will be collecting donations and Libertarians will be donating their time to help our neighbors.

Our continuing work with the Bob Telmosse Foundation on their 36th Annual Christmas Giveaway was a great success! Please visit www.santa-bob.org for more information.

There are currently several volunteer opportunities within the party. If you are interested in any of these please see our Events Calendar page for the date of the next Monthly Meeting or contact the party at info@lpepc.org.

Social Media / Online Opportunities:

Campaign Opportunities (contact the campaign directly):
Issue petitioning
Fundraising events
Voter Registration Drives
Pass out fliers
Campaign Manager
Campaign Finance Committee

Event volunteer:

If any of these interest you please, send a message to volunteer@lpepc.org.

For descriptions of these and other volunteer opportunities please click:
CLICK to view Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerSpot

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