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LPEPC Staff Liaison Chair

Terms of Office 1 year term; renewable at Annual Convention.

Committee Makeup
The Treasurer shall be a Contributing Member.

Mission Statement
The Treasurer is in charge of all finances of the LPEPC.
The Treasurer shall be familiar with the activities of the Party.

The Treasurer makes reports monthly at the Board of Directors meeting.
The Treasurer makes a yearly report at the Annual Convention.

Committee Meetings
One in-person meeting per year at Annual Meeting; any Special Convention; all Board Meetings; all Monthly Member meetings.

Estimated Time Commitment
Treasurer: 24+ hours per year

Qualifications/ Responsibilities

  • The Treasurer should have an understanding of the Libertarian Party Platform and have an excellent familiarity with the structure of LPEPC.
  • The Treasurer will have excellent accounting skills.
  • The Treasure will keep and report current bank account information.
  • The Treasurer will collect and record contributions and Dues payments in accordance with Colorado Law.
  • The Treasurer will record and report all expenditures.
  • The Treasurer will not allow overdrafts in the LPEPC bank account.
  • The Treasurer will coordinate with the Board on issues of finance through facebook, email, telephone, and in-person communication.
  • The Treasure will report to the Secretary of State TRACER program on time in accordance with Colorado Law.



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