Board of Directors

There are currently nine positions on the LPEPC Board of Directors. An officer must have been an LPEPC Contributing Member (i.e., registered Libertarian that pays yearly dues), affirm the LP Statement of Values and Non-initiation of Force (the “Pledge”), and serves until the end of the next annual convention. There are no term limits for officers.


Chris HoutchensChris Houtchens

The Chair is the spokesperson for the Party. It is the Chair that takes the leading role in determining the goals, direction, and plans for the LPEPC. The Chair conducts all meetings and conventions.

Chris Houtchens is a life long resident of Colorado Springs and third generation El Paso County resident. Chris is a husband, father and small business owner. While Chris registered Libertarian February of 2016, he has always lived within the libertarian philosophy. He has spent a good portion of the last 2 decades fighting for more individual liberty in Colorado.

Chris has been helping with LPEPC social media since May 2016; was appointed as acting Vice Chair in September 2016; and was appointed acting Chair of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County October 15, 2016.

Chris was elected to his second term as Chair in January 2018.

Contact: chair@lpepc.org

Vice Chair

Alexis Buschmann

Alexis Buschmann was appointed as the interim Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of El Paso county in September 2018. She moved to Fountain in 2016, and has been registered Libertarian since 2017. She has been an active member and volunteer.

Contact: vice@lpepc.org


John Hjersman

Registered Libertarian since 2001. Continual absenteeism due to employment at sea prevented uninterrupted active participation for years. Since retiring in 2012, that excuse has evaporated.? A newcomer to the area, moved to Colorado Springs in September, 2013. An Engineer by profession, most comfortable with technical issues.

John was appointed Treasurer in February 2015, elected to that position in April 2015, February 2016, February 2017, January 2018.

Contact: treasurer@lpepc.org


eric mumaEric Muma

Eric was elected Secretary in January 2019.

Contact: secretary@lpepc.org

Affiliate Representative

John Hjersman

The Affiliate Representative serves as the Point of Contact between the Libertarian Party of El Paso County and the Libertarian Party of Colorado.
Appointed as Affiliate Representative in March 2016.

Contact: ar@lpepc.org

Directors & Committees

Education Director

daryl kuiperDaryl Kuiper

The Education Director coordinates the speakers for the Monthly Meetings of the County Party. Education on upcoming Ballot issues would be coordinated with the Campaign Committee. The Education Director keeps the rest of the Board informed on information needed for current events.

Contact: education@lpepc.org

Outreach Director

lpepcOpen Position

The Outreach Director does outreach events with volunteers for the Party. The Outreach Director coordinates with the Secretary to keep members informed of upcoming events.

Contact: outreach@lpepc.org

Bylaws Committee Chair

Warren Price

Bylaws Committee Chair is responsible for updates & edits to the County Affiliate’s Bylaws as needed.

Contact: bylaws@lpepc.org

Campaign Committee

Open Position


Campaign Committee would coordinate the goals of the County Party and individual campaigns. Candidates & Issues committees would report to the Campaigns Committee to keep the Party informed of upcoming events and information regarding their campaigns. The Campaign Committee would help to determine eligibility of candidates for upcoming elections.

Newsletter Editor

Jessica (Senia) Peterson

Check out the current newsletter here: lpepc.org/news/newsletter

Contact: newsletter@lpepc.org

Policy Committee Chair

Chris Houtchens

The Policy Committee keeps the History of the Party and keeps a record of the Policy guidelines for the Party.


Convention Committee

Lance Haverkamp
Lance on KRDO

Lance served for several years as the “front-man” for the county party, most of those years he was also the Chair.? He’s a graduate-level Theologian, who also loves helping business find & train talent, using complex personality matching.


Fundraising Committee

Open Position

Finance Committee keeps in close contact with the Treasurer and assists as needed.

Volunteer Coordinator

Open Position


IT Coordinator

Matt Smith


Political Issues Liaisons

Manitou Springs Political Issues Liaison

Norman “Paotie” Dawson

Paotie has served as Manitou Springs Political Issues Liaison since 2013.

Paotie has been a registered Libertarian in El Paso County since 2013. He joined the National Libertarian Party in February 2012. He has been an active leader at the local, and county levels of the party, working on campaigns, citizen initiatives, outreach, volunteering, and education.


Political Issues Liaison

Open Positions across the County

Political Issues Liaisons keep track of local political issues & report to the Board. This position would keep the Board informed of upcoming issues in the local area so that the Board could take action in accordance with the Platform – City Council Meetings, local Board Meetings, Hearings, etc.