Minutes – Board Meeting – October 2013

LPEPC logo glow torchMINUTES

Meeting ? Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date ? Saturday, October 12, 2013
Time ? 1:30 PM
Location ? Palmer Park Village Inn

1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions ? Called to order 1:43pm.

Board Members present:
Lance Haverkamp (Interim Chair)
Tracie McCray (Treasurer)
Tim Campbell (Vice Chair)
Judy Darcy (Secretary)
Scott Allen (Director-at-Large/Education)
Randy Schneider (Affiliate Representative)

This constitutes a quorum

2. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
Motion: To accept the BOD agenda as published (MSCU)

3. Minutes from previous meeting ? tabled to November BOD meeting when people will have had a chance to read minutes of previous meetings.

4. Resignation of Chair ? the Board accepted Liz Oldach?s resignation as Chair of Libertarian Party of El Paso County.
Motion: To finalize appointment of Lance Haverkamp as Interim Chair (MSCU)

5. Director and Officer Reports

a. Interim Chair ? tweaked the LPEPC logo
b. Vice Chair ? report submitted in writing
c. Secretary ? report submitted in writing
d. Treasurer ? report submitted in writing
e. Affiliate Rep ? nothing to report
f. Director/Education ? will submit report later

6. Unfinished Business

a. City Council Opt-Out
Motion: To remove this issue from Unfinished Business until brought back by a member or until it becomes a ballot issue (MSCU)
b. Council and Commissioner Voting Records
This will be combined with a project Randy is working on about elected offices throughout the entire county (school districts, municipalities, water board, utility board, etc) and the election cycles each office follows. We will investigate partnering with other organizations to see if others would benefit from this information.
c. New Email/Website ? all email addresses for Board and Officers are up and running and the website is coming along as we grow.
d. Affiliate Structure and Liability (LLC/INC) ? Tracie/Lance will handle before next BOD meeting.
e. To Do (committees/tasks) ? just a reminder to use Freedcamp for the management of our task lists.
f. Social Calendar (topics for 3rdThursday)

October ? Elections (outside speakers invited/confirmed)
November ? Economics
December ? LP Birthday and founding of Libertarian Party
January ? A single amendment will be chosen from the Bill of Rights
February ? A single amendment will be chosen from the Bill of Rights
March ? LPEPC 2nd Annual Convention
Scott will bring a general draft/outline of topics for the next 6 months to the next BOD meeting.

g. Outreach materials ? Lance/Tracie will get together to develop/order invite cards and will investigate more options at the LPEPC Zazzle.com store.
Motion: To allocate no more than $100 for general outreach materials (MSCU)
h. Planning Committee Review ? Just a reminder that we?re still working out kinks in communications. We will continue to strive for clear communications between Board members.

7. New Business

a. LPCO Board Meeting ? Monday, October 14 in Denver. Judy and Randy will attend and report LPEPC activities to LPCO. Judy and Randy will report back on this meeting at the November BOD meeting.
b. LNCC County Development Program ? Tracie will reach out to Evan or Amy for more information on the schedule of events and what?s required of LPEPC to prepare.
c. Committee and Director Appointments
In addition to finalizing the following appointments, a discussion was held on expectations of each role.

LPEPC Affiliate Representative ? Randy Schneider (BOD position)
LPEPC Director-at-Large/Education ? Scott Allen (BOD position)
LPEPC Bylaws Committee Chair (LPCO, too) ? Mike Seebeck
LPEPC Voter Registration Drive Committee Chair ? Tina Blea
LPEPC Manitou Springs Issue Liaison ? Norman (Paotie) Dawson
LPEPC Finance Committee Chair ? Judy Darcy
Motion: To accept the above appointments as made (MSCU)
We still need to fill the following positions:
LPEPC Volunteer Coordinator ? Randy suggested January and he?ll discuss with her
LPEPC Platform Committee Chair (LPCO, too)
LPEPC Director-at-Large/Outreach (Judy, once we find a secretary)
LPEPC Secretary ? Tracie suggested approaching Susan QN and she?ll discuss with her
LPEPC Campaign Chair ? kind of defaulting to Randy, since he?s researching offices
LPEPC Fundraising Committee Chair
LPEPC Colorado Springs Issues Liaison
LPEPC El Paso County Issues Liaison
LPEPC Convention Committee Chair
LPEPC Photographer ? everyone, email pics to outreach@lpepc.org

8. Announcements
Tracie reminded Board and Officers to pay dues. Dues for Board and Officers was due by October 1, 2013. Dues must be paid to remain on the Board.

9. Discussion/Q&A ? none

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:02pm