Proposed bylaws amendments, August 2013

Article 1 – replace “…registered with the El Paso County Clerk and
Recorder’s Office with “…registered with the Colorado Secretary of State

Article 1 – strike “legal”

Article 5.1 – correct typo – “…composed of the following OfficErs:…”

Article – proposed – Contributing Members who wish to run for an
office must notify the Secretary, in writing, of their intention no less
than 14 days prior to the Annual Convention at which the election will be

Article 7.5 – change “The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying
Members of upcoming…” to “Members shall be notified of upcoming…”

Article 8.1.1. – change “The Party shall hold an Annual Convention for the
purposes of electing the Board of Directors and conducting any other
business prior to the State Party Annual Convention.”

Article 8.1.2. – change “Special Conventions may be called at any time by
the Chair…” to “Special Conventions will be called quarterly and may be
called at any time by the Chair…”

Article 8.1.3 – replace “sixty (60) days” with “thirty (30) days”

Article 8.2.1 – Change “…no later than two (2) weeks…” to “…no later
than fourteen (14) days…” in both instances

Article 8.2.2. – Change “…no later than one (1) week…” to “…no later
than seven (7) days…”

Article 10.3 – strike “…Secretary or…”

Article 14 – delete