Red Pill Pushers at Swirl 11/13/2013

Red Pill Pushers at Swirl

November 13, 2013
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Swirl Wine Bar
717 Manitou Avenue Unit 102, Manitou Springs

Topic nights at the Swirl wine bar, discuss and banter about current topics and how the Libertarian perspective treats these issues.
What is “Social Justice”? A progressive buzz-term? How about getting LPEPC letters and rebuttals into the local papers? Is “gun violence” political propaganda language? Ethical politicians? …. *?* what?…. What’s in YOUR noggin that’s ready to burst out and splatter us with new insights?
Make a note of what your interested in talking about with your RSVP
(Blue pill, Red pill, from the Matrix, in case people forgot – or never saw the movie)

Please RSVP at facebook or Meetup.