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2021 Colorado Springs Municipal Election Endorsements

2021 Municipal Election Endorsements of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County

After listening to the candidates we felt that most of the candidates in each district had enough in common that they did not distinguish themselves in accordance with the Libertarian Party Platform.

However, two candidates did stand out and we feel they are worthy of our endorsement. We feel that Olivia Lupia, District 3 Facebook-Logo www ballotpedia-logo-square and Karlie Van Arnam, District 5 Facebook-Logo wwwballotpedia-logo-square would represent individual life, liberty & property rights for the city residents and have earned the Libertarian Endorsement.

We would also encourage liberty minded voters to vote No on Ballot Issue 1 Facebook-Logo www ballotpedia-logo-square.

Link to all candidates on Ballotpedia ballotpedia-logo-square

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