Volunteer Coordinator

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Volunteer Coordinator


LPEPC Staff Liaison Outreach Director

Terms of Office 1 year term; renewable at Annual Convention.

Committee Makeup
The Volunteer Coordinator shall consist of at least one Contributing Member.

Mission Statement
The Volunteer Coordinator coordinates volunteers for all Party activities.

The Volunteer Coordinator shall become familiar with the activities of the Party, maintain a database of contact information and skills of all volunteers, recruit volunteers to participate in outreach events and other party activities, and shall make a yearly report to the Board of Directors which shall include current count of active volunteers in El Paso County.

The Volunteer Coordinator makes appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors, after which it reports to the membership at the Annual Convention.

Committee Meetings
One in-person meeting per year at Annual Meeting; any Special Convention with Volunteers on the agenda; all Board meetings.

Estimated Time Commitment
Volunteer Coordinator: 24+ hours per year
Volunteers: 4+ per year

Qualifications/ Responsibilities
Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator should have understanding of the Libertarian Party Platform and have a general familiarity with the structure of LPEPC. The Volunteer Coordinator coordinates volunteers for outreach opportunities and leads the discussion among committee members during Volunteer meetings. The Volunteer Coordinator will also present information to the membership at the Annual Convention. Coordinate volunteers for any activity or event that requires volunteers.
Volunteers: Should be actively involved with the Libertarian Party. All volunteers should submit to the Volunteer Coordinator a list of their skills and activities they would be interested in participating in.

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    1. Hello, Robert. I’m sure you’ve gotten an email from Judy Darcy announcing LPEPC’s annual meeting and convention that’s at Tilted Kilt at 11:00AM on January 20th. I encourage you to register for the event on our website. I look forward to seeing you there.
      John Hjersman, Treasurer

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