Minutes – 2019 Annual Convention

Libertarian Party of El Paso County
PO Box 7952
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
(719) 445-1949

Annual County Convention

Date: January 19, 2019
Time: 11 AM
Location: 13520 New Discovery Rd. Colorado Springs CO 80908

⦁ Opening/Welcome/Introductions
Chris Houtchens, Chair Call to Order 12:15pm
⦁ Roll Call/Quorum Check
Board Members Present: Chris Houtchens, Alexis Buschmann, John Hjersman
Other Members present: Eric Muma, Daryl Kuiper, Susan Quilleash, Lance Haverkamp
⦁ Please have your credentials checked to ensure voting eligibility

Confirmed by John Hjersman
⦁ Announcements
⦁ If you’re planning to run for the Board please check in with a current board member
⦁ LPCO State Convention April 26 to 28th, 2019 at the Hotel Elegante in Colorado Springs, Colorado (2886 S Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906).
⦁ Adoption of Agenda
Adopted as presented
Motion: Susan
Second: Lexi
⦁ Minutes of previous meeting
Postpone to next Convention
Motion: Judy
Second: Lance

⦁ Officer Annual Summary Reports
⦁ Chair: Chris Houtchens
Submitted in writing
⦁ Vice-Chair: Alexis Buschmann
Leaning to perform Secretary duties
⦁ Secretary:
⦁ Treasurer: John Hjersman
Submitted in writing
⦁ LPCO Affiliate Representative Annual Summary Report: John Hjersman
LPCO Chair concerned that as many as possible attend Convention.
LPCO is changing to CiviCRM
⦁ IT
Lance: CRM updates & Cloud updates needed.
⦁ Social Media Director: Judy Darcy
All interaction increasing except on Meetup.
James Grady assigned Twitter.
Paotie LinkedIn.
Mariana Instagram & Pintrest.

⦁ LPEPC Member Mission Requests
See written report

⦁ OUT OF ORDER: Pillar description: Darryl Kuiper
Pillar is a lifelong learning organization.
60 classes per trimester
⦁ Campaigns Reports (Updates if in Election Season, Summary if after)
Covered in Chair report
⦁ Federal:
⦁ Congress 5: Douglas Randall
⦁ Statewide:
⦁ Governor/Lt. Governor: Scott Helker/Michele Poague
⦁ Attorney General: Bill Robinson
⦁ CU Regents At Large: James Tibert
⦁ State Legislature:
⦁ State House 16: John Hjersman

⦁ Municipal:
⦁ Colorado Springs:
Due Tuesday, January 22, 2018
Bylaws 9.3 applies to Non-partisan
⦁ Mayor
Juliette Parker
Daryl Kuiper
⦁ Three Council at Large
Bill Murray, Tom Strand, Tony Martinez, Tony Guierrella, Wayne WIlliams
⦁ Bylaws Proposals
After Proposal #10 Daryl left Quorum retained.
Chair called a recess in order to research LLPCO Bylaws prior to #11 2:28pm
Chair Call to Order 2:38pm
⦁ Platform Proposals
No new proposals
⦁ Election of Officers
⦁ Chair
Nominated Chris & Lexi
Chris – 5
Lexi -2
Chair: Chris
⦁ Vice-Chair
Nominated Eric, Lexi, Chris
Eric – 1
Lexi – 5
Chris – 2
Vice: Lexi
⦁ Secretary
Nomination Eric
Eric – 7
Secretary: 7
⦁ Treasurer
Nominate John
John – 7
Treasurer: John
⦁ Announcement of next meetings and state convention
3rd Thursdays Fargo’s
State Convention
Board 2nd Sunday at American Tire Exchange
Annual Convention tentative date January 18, 2020
⦁ Adjournment
Motion to Adjourn Judy

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