Minutes – Board Meeting, June 2022


Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date – Saturday, June 4, 2022
Time – 3PM
Location – Library 21C, 1175 Chapel Hills Drive


  1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions
    Board Members present: John Angle, Amy Lunde, John Hjersman, Mike Ciesko, Michael Giallombardo
    Others present: Janet Turner, Damon Bass, Paige Bass
    Quorum Yes
    Call to Order: 3:13pm

  2. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
    Motion: John Angle
    Second: Mike Ciesko

  3. Minutes from Previous Meeting
    Motion: John Hjersman. If a topic in the minutes isn’t discussed make a notation underneath reflecting that i.e., Tabled until next meeting.
    Second: John Angle

  4. Director/Officer Reports

    1. Chair, John Angle – Will submit at a later date.

    2. Vice Chair, Amy Lunde – In writing

    3. Secretary, Michael Giallombardo – Nothing to report

    4. Treasurer, John Hjersman – In writing

    5. Affiliate Representative, John Hjersman – In writing

    6. Education Director, Daryl Kuiper

    7. Communications Director, Mike Ciesko – Touched on on going email, membership goals, template and upcoming bowling social event.
  5. Committee Reports

    1. Bylaws Committee, John Hjersman – NTR
    2. Policy Committee, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy, John Angle – NTR
    3. Finance Committee – NTR
    4. Colorado Springs Political Issues Liaison, John Angle – NTR
    5. Social Media Committee Chair, Judy Darcy – See Outreach
    6. Newsletter, Daryl Kuiper – NTR
    7. IT Coordinator, Lance Haverkamp, John Angle – NTR
    8. Outreach Coordinator, Judy Darcy – NTR
    9. Volunteer Coordinator, Janet Turner – NTR
  6. Unfinished Business
    1. Committee & Director Appointments
      1. Fundraising Director – Open. Tabled until next meeting.
      2. Campaigns Director – Open. Tabled until next meeting.
    2. Schedule Next Meetings
      1. Board Meetings
        1. Announcement/reminder letters
          1. Mike Ciesko will email out info on upcoming board meetings, 3rd Thursday socials and bowling event.
      2. Member Monthly Meetings
        1. 3rd Thursday
          1. Topics, Speakers, calls to action
            1. Hasn’t been updated with Daryl so going with what was previously scheduled.
    3. Website, CRM, cloud, IT
      1. Updated database information
        1. John Angle will reach out to Lance for an update.
    4. Election 2022
      1. Follow up with campaigners for their platforms/statements
        1. Amy Lunde will post on Facebook the information on Janet Turner’s upcoming County Commissioner forum/event.
    5. Contact Slip
      1. John Hjersman will proceed to print several.
  7. New Business
    1. County Development Goals
      1. Increase active membership by 9 new members in 3 months.
    2. Outreach Events
      1. Film screening
        1. 2000 Mules. Janet Turner’s house. July 9th. 5pm.
      2. Tip cards, business cards
        1. John Hjersman passed out current business cards and tip cards.
      3. Socializer
        1. Bowling at WhirlyBall. June 25th. 4-5pm.
    3. Volunteer Events
      1. Petition signing
        1. John Hjersman will provide link to Petition Rights Amendment information.
      2. City Council buster
        1. Michael Giallombardo will gather information to determine if and when a Libertarian presence is required at the July City Council meeting.
    4. Fundraising Events
      1. No fundraising events are planned at this time. We will continue to seek donations ant meetings and social events.
  8. Announcements
    1. Nothing at this time.
  9. Discussion/Q&A
    1. LNC Comments
      1. Will be discussed at a later time.
  10. Adjourn: 4:14pm.

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