Minutes – Board Meeting – November 2013

LPEPC logo glow torchMINUTES

Meeting ? Board of Directors Meeting
Date ? Saturday, November 16, 2013
Time ? 1:30 PM
Location ? Palmer Park Village Inn


  1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions
    1. Called to order 1:33 p.m.
    2. Board Members present:
      1. Lance Haverkamp (Chair)
      2. Tracie McCray (Treasurer)
      3. Judy Darcy (Secretary)
      4. Scott Allen (Director-at-Large/Education)
    1. This constitutes a quorum
    2. Paotie Dawson, Mike Seebeck, Brianne Clark, John Hjersman, Michael Candray, & Susan? Quilleash-Nelson also present.
  2. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
    1. Addition of Letter I under New Business ? Expense Reimbursement
      1. Motion:? To adopt the Agenda as amended.? (MSCU)
  3. Minutes from Previous Meeting
    1. Motion:? To adopt the Minutes of the previous Board meetings as presented.? (MSCU)
  4. Director and Officer Reports
    1. Lance Haverkamp, Chair ? emphasized reaching out to candidates, especially potential candidate for US Senate seat held by Mark Udall (Dallas Brooks)
    2. Tim Campbell, Vice Chair ? report submitted in writing
    3. Judy Darcy, Secretary ? report submitted in writing
    4. Tracie McCray, Treasurer ? report submitted in writing
    5. Scott Allen, Director of Education ? report submitted in writing
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Bylaws Committee Chair, Mike Seebeck ? extra carriage return found in bylaws, corrected.
    2. Manitou Springs Issues Liaison, Paotie Dawson ? report submitted in writing ? emphasized possible petitioning re: paid parking
    3. Voter Registration Drive Committee Chair, Tina Blea
    4. Platform Committee Chair, Mike Seebeck formally accepted position
    5. Finance Committee, Judy Darcy ? concurred with Treasurer?s Report
  6. ?Unfinished Business
    1. Council and Commissioner Voting Records/Open Seats ? tabled to when Randy is present.
    2. Affiliate Structure and Liability ? LPEPC is incorporated with the State of Colorado (11/01/2013).? Tracie and Lance are working on the necessary insurance.
    3. To Do/Committee Tasks ? Judy reported on tasks and organization in VolunteerSpot
    4. Events Calendar
      1. 11/21 ? Topic = Economics.? Announce voter registration as LP if anyone is considering running for office.
      2. 12/07 ? LPEPC Board of Directors Meeting
      3. 12/11 ? LP Birthday ? History of LP
      4. 12/19 ? LPEPC Holiday Party and Candidate Announcements
      5. 01/11 ? LPEPC Board of Directors Meeting
      6. 01/16 ? Topic = Candidates?
      7. 02/15 ? LPEPC Board of Directors Meeting
      8. 02/20 ? Topic = Upcoming LPEPC Elections and LPCO Convention
      9. 03/15 ? LPEPC Board of Directors Meeting & 2nd Annual Convention
      10. 03/20 ? Topic = Taxes
      1. 03/28-03/30 ? LPCO State Convention
    1. Outreach materials will be ordered ? tshirts and invite? cards.
    2. LNCC County Development and Enhancement Program ? reviewed goals, monthly and weekly conference calls
    3. Discussed website rewrites and edits ? Judy is soliciting for writers.? If interested, contact Judy
    4. Position Description/Continuity Binders ? position descriptions are turned in, keep working on continuity binders.
    5. Committee and Director Appointments
      1. Brianne Riley ? LPEPC Volunteer Coordinator
      2. Mike Seebeck ? Platform Committee Chair
      3. Still Needed ? Social Media, Director of Outreach, Campaigns Chair, Fundraising Committee Chair, El Paso County Issues Liaison, Colorado Springs Issue Liaison, Convention Committee Chair, and Photographer
  7. ?New Business
    1. 11/23 LPCO 4th Quarter Strategy Session ? no LPEPC reps are able to attend
    2. 12/11 LP Birthday
      1. Motion:? To purchase a sheet cake for the LP Birthday.? (MSCU)
    1. T-shirts ? were ordered, better deal found
      1. Motion:? To return blank shirts and order printed shirts with vendor?s guarantee of quality of logo application.? (MSCU)
    1. 1st 6 Week Community Outreach Rotation ? Judy spoke about both the Bob Telmosse Foundation and Crossfire Ministries.
      1. Motion:? To work with the Bob Telmosse Foundation through December and then with Crossfire Ministries Jan 1-Feb 15.? (MSCU)
    1. Buy new voter data
      1. Motion:? To buy new voter data.? (MSCU)
    1. Quarterly or Monthly Newsletter ? Judy reported for Mariana on deadline of 12/01 for first LPEPC newsletter
    2. Election Judge Training ? Tracie will find out dates after the 1st of the year.
    3. Ideas for Family Friendly Social Nights ? Simpich, Bowling Night, Films
    4. Expense Reimbursement ? General discussion about expense reimbursement.? Bylaws are currently enough guidance for expense reimbursement.
      1. Motion:? To reimburse Tracie over three months for expenses incurred during recall election.? (MSCU)
  8. ?Announcements
  9. ?Discussion/Q&A
    1. Date/Time of next meeting
      1. Motion:? To hold 12/07 Board of Directors Meeting at the Village Inn at 1430 Harrison.? (MSCU)
  10. ?Motion to Adjourn (MSCU)
    1. Meeting adjourned at 4:03 p.m.