Minutes – Board Meeting September, 2022

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Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date – Saturday, September 17 (rescheduled from September 3), 2022
Time – 3PM
Location – Library 21C, 1175 Chapel Hills Drive


  1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions
    Board Members present: Daryl Kuiper, Amy Lunde, John Hjersman, John Angle
    Others present: None
    Call to Order: 3:17

  2. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
    Adopted without objection

  3. Minutes from Previous Meeting
    Adopted without objection

  4. Director/Officer Reports

    1. Chair, John Angle – NTR

    2. Vice Chair, Amy Lunde – NTR

    3. Secretary, Michael Giallombardo – Has offered resignation, to be officially accepted by the next board meeting excepting any change

    4. Treasurer, John Hjersman – In writing

    5. Affiliate Representative, John Hjersman – In writing

    6. Education Director, Daryl Kuiper – Provided update for upcoming Empowerment topics

    7. Communications Director, Mike Ciesko – NTR
  5. Committee Reports

    1. Bylaws Committee, John Hjersman – NTR
    2. Policy Committee, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy, John Angle – NTR
    3. Finance Committee – NTR
    4. Colorado Springs Political Issues Liaison, John Angle – NTR
    5. Social Media Committee Chair, Jason Calvert – NTR
    6. Newsletter, Daryl Kuiper – In writing
    7. IT Coordinator, Lance Haverkamp, John Angle – NTR
    8. Outreach Coordinator, Judy Darcy – NTR
    9. Volunteer Coordinator, Janet Turner – NTR
  6. Unfinished Business
    1. Committee & Director Appointments
      1. Fundraising Director – Open
      2. Campaigns Director – Open
    2. Schedule Next Meetings
      1. Board Meetings
        1. Announcement/reminder letters to be sent over Meetup (John Angle), FB (Amy Lunde), email (John Hjersman)
      2. Member Monthly Meetings
        1. 3rd Thursday
          1. To continue at Old Chicago on Academy, see Education Director report
    3. Website, CRM, cloud, IT
      1. John H: note to resume sharing of state and county contact information. Present members agree this satisfies 10.6 of the bylaws.
    4. Election 2022
      1. John Angle to reach out to media outlets to give LPEPC candidates exposure
    5. Sign-in sheet
      1. John H: To support the state and national parties, change our form to clarify we will share contact information with no other organization than the Colorado and National Libertarian parties.
  7. New Business
    1. County Development Goals
      1. For failure to perform outreach, goals remain unmet
    2. CATO Pocket Constitutions
      1. Daryl moves to approve spending $100 on Constitutions
        1. JA second (JH to ask Bennett Rutledge)
    3. Outreach Events
      1. Conceal carry permitting course follow up with Ken Cain, JA
    4. Volunteer Events
      1. County Commissioners buster on 9/27
  8. Announcements
  9. Discussion/Q&A
    1. Gun show attendance, Tanner Nov 18-20
      1. JA, JH Move 130$ for booth
  10. Adjourn: 5:05

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