Eat Drink & Live Free

First Organizational Meeting, 11/29/2012

Eat Drink & Live Free

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First Organizational Meeting

A call on Facebook, for El Paso county residents interested in forming a group, yielded several emails within minutes. An initial meeting was set for late-November, and we were on our way.
We discussed ideas on how to become a Development Group and the path to affiliation. Most of the original attendees are still active a year later.
Jan Brooks, pictured above, ran for Colorado Senate District 11 in the summer of 2013.

Eat, Drink, and Live Free

El Paso County Libertarian Party Development Group first meeting, held on November 29, 2012 at TGI Friday’s from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Attendees: 24 – Brenda Francis, Amy Lunde-Provines, Judy Darcy, Norman “Paotie” Dawson, Tina Blea, Lance Haverkamp, Tracie McCray, Liz Oldach, Susan Luesner, Doug Jones, Bob Armstrong, Joseph Terrell, January Brooks, Mark Slaugh, Jim Wilkerson, Clio Wilkerson, Mike Palmer, Chris Palmer, Tammy Beckworth, Keifer?, Josh?, Doug Jones’ son & daughter, Jim Wilkerson’s son & daughter

Next Meeting: South Side Johnny’s, cake, family friendly. Action Items: Reservations – Judy – Deadline 11/30; Cake – Liz & Judy – Deadline 12/5

Robert’s Rules: Important for conducting meetings. Action Items: Learn them – Everyone.

Groups to affiliate with: Green Dragon Tavern, Liberty First,,

To become an affiliate: Bank account, Chair, Treasurer – 6 reports per year.

Discuss later.
Community Activities: Citizens action group, Booth – Springspree, Territory Days, County Fair, Balloon Glow, Parades?, Voting in Discuss later.