First year Welcome page

After several years without official LP presence, El Paso county reorganized and became LPCO’s newest County Affiliate.

The road to reorganization began shortly after the 2012 election.

Having befriended an outgoing Gary Johnson supporter in Colorado Springs (who is now serving as acting Secretary), and being a former resident of that city myself, I wondered why such a populated county did not have any formalized Libertarian presence.? A call on Facebook, for El Paso county residents interested in forming a group, yielded several emails within minutes, so I knew there was potential.? An initial meeting was set for late-November, and they were on their way.

The El Paso county crew is quite the active group.? One of their early meetings, at the beginning of this year, attracted roughly 50 interested parties (a number which overwhelmed the venue.? Many thanks to Swirl Wine Bar in Manitou Springs for being so accommodating), and their Facebook page now has over 200 “likes”.? Aside from their regular Board meetings, they are also holding more socially-oriented, educational meetings, and even held a fundraiser BBQ to benefit Black Forest Cares after the Black Forest Fire in June.

Lance Haverkamp, the Vice-Chair and one of the earliest participants, says, “The affiliate started-off with a great group of people. Different skills and different temperaments really helped us hit the ground running.? Expect to see lots of things happening from this County.”

– Submitted by Amy Lunde-Provines, Regions Director, LPCO

We at the LPCO wish the Libertarian Party of El Paso County all the best in promoting libertarian principles throughout El Paso county!? For more information about the LPEPC, check out their Facebook page: Their website is just coming online today, you can watch it grow at!