Voter Registration Drive Training

VRD Training 12-5-2013

Voter Registration Drive Training

Thursday, December 5, 2013
6:30pm until 7:30pm
Good Karma Coffee Lounge & Deli
110 Canon Ave., Manitou Springs

By Judy Darcy
Libertarian Party of El Paso County


Several events have happened in the last few days. Weather has made things hectic & we are looking forward to warmer temperatures. We almost had Good Karma to ourselves due to weather. For those that have not been to Good Karma I highly recommend stopping in. The food is fantastic and the people are wonderful!
We thank the few that braved the cold weather of the last week to come out for the cause of liberty.

Tina Blea, our Voter Registration Drive Committee Chair, trained through the Secretary of State’s website how to register voters.
Very interesting things to be learned about Voter Registration. Did you know that you can register to vote as young as 16 in Colorado?
At the end of the meeting we registered a brand new Libertarian!