Red Pill Pushers at Swirl, 12/04/2013

Red Pill Pushers at Swirl in Manitou Springs

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
6:30pm until 8:00pm
Swirl Wine Bar
717 Manitou Avenue Unit 102, Manitou Springs

By Tim Campbell
Meeting Host

RPP Summary:

Due to the snow and cold, there were 3 people who attended; a new member, John, and his guest (non-member) Sasha, and the event host Tim. Topics included discussion on gun control laws – arguing that controlling guns does not control behavior; attempts of regulating 3-D printed synthetic/plastic guns, ¬†how laws function – as deterrents? or after-the-fact punishments; discussion of societal norms – or rather the loss of societal norms in the case of increasing diversity, attempts to cater to all, leaving no social anchor,¬†meaning “whose” norm is the norm? Discussion on the seemingly lack of moral or ethical education of young students, the messaging of all media sources that promote anti-social or non-productive behaviors or attitudes (music, movies, advertising, etc)

These were very challenging and engaging discussions.

I completely forgot about pictures.


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