Red Pill Pushers at Swirl, 12/04/2013

Red Pill Pushers at Swirl in Manitou Springs

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
6:30pm until 8:00pm
Swirl Wine Bar
717 Manitou Avenue Unit 102, Manitou Springs

By Tim Campbell
Meeting Host

RPP Summary:

Due to the snow and cold, there were 3 people who attended; a new member, John, and his guest (non-member) Sasha, and the event host Tim. Topics included discussion on gun control laws – arguing that controlling guns does not control behavior; attempts of regulating 3-D printed synthetic/plastic guns, ?how laws function – as deterrents? or after-the-fact punishments; discussion of societal norms – or rather the loss of societal norms in the case of increasing diversity, attempts to cater to all, leaving no social anchor,?meaning “whose” norm is the norm? Discussion on the seemingly lack of moral or ethical education of young students, the messaging of all media sources that promote anti-social or non-productive behaviors or attitudes (music, movies, advertising, etc)

These were very challenging and engaging discussions.

I completely forgot about pictures.