2019 Colorado Springs Municipal Election Candidate Questionnaire

Colorado Springs Municipal Election 2019

The Libertarian Party of El Paso County, it’s officers, or directors do not endorse candidates from other parties. In the case of a non-partisan election the Board may endorse candidates that most closely align with Libertarian values.

The Libertarian Party of El Paso County sent out, via email, the following questionnaire to all candidates of the upcoming election.

Links to candidate answers will be posted below in the order they are returned.

2019 Questionnaire – Wayne Williams

2019 Questionnaire – Juliette Parker

2019 Questionnaire – Gordon Klingenschmitt

Libertarian Party of El Paso County
PO Box 7952
Colorado Springs, CO? 80933

Please complete questionnaires by 3/4/2019 and return to chair@lpepc.org.


  1. What is the legitimate, fundamental purpose, or function of government?
  1. What should your role be in carrying out the purpose of government?
  1. What are your thoughts on term limits for city council members?
  1. Do you support the use of eminent domain? When is its use appropriate?
  1. Should elected officials be required to recuse themselves from making decisions/legislating on issues where they have potential conflicts of interest?
  1. Should businesses, individuals, or entities that donate money to government agencies, campaigns, or candidates be excluded from consideration for bid opportunities or committee appointments?
  1. Should elected officials recuse themselves from decisions and/or appointments for those they have a direct or indirect business or personal relationship with to include relative, business partner (current or past), and campaign donors?
  1. What are your plans for facilitating economic growth in the region?
  1. Do you support the concept that central planning is necessary for the long term viability of our city?
  1. Do you support TABOR? Why?
  1. How will you reduce the city budget and/or the tax burden on its residents?
  1. What are your thoughts on tax incremental financing?
  1. Do you support the City for Champions initiative?
  1. What can be done to address rapidly rising housing costs (for both renters and buyers)?
  1. What are your thoughts on gun control, to include gun free zones? Under what circumstances should the right to bear arms be restricted?
  1. Do you support the re-implementation of red light cameras? Why?
  1. What is your plan for reducing and preventing violent and property crimes?
  1. What is your position on allowing the sale and use of marijuana for recreational use within city limits?
  1. What is your plan for improving traffic flow in areas that often become congested?
  1. What are your thoughts on reducing lanes for autos to create/widen bike lanes, ?lane dieting??

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