El Paso County Libertarian Party Development Group Meeting – 02/28/2012

El Paso County Libertarian Party Development Group Meeting – 02/28/2012


Monthly Meeting Minutes of the El Paso County Libertarian Party Development Group


February 28, 2013


  • Meeting Attendees: 16 – Judy Darcy, Lance Haverkamp, Michael Seebeck, Russell Walker, Kim Green, Sara, John Goodwin, Chris Nixon, Bart Butcher, Scott Allen, Liz Oldach, Mike Palmer, Jan Brooks, Tracie McCray, Kanda Calef, Evelyn Cash
  • Action Group Meeting called to order at 7:23pm by Liz Oldach
  • Judy read the January meeting minutes.
  • The minutes from the previous meeting were approved
  • Officer Reports
    • Chair – Liz Oldach
      • Had a meeting with Judy, Jeff Orrock – State Chair, Matt Hess – State Communications Director, and Amy Lunde-Provines – LPAC Secretary-Treasurer.
      • Sent out information to the people maintaining online presence.
      • Got together with Judy & decided on a format for thank yous for donations.
      • Shared post card on facebook.
      • Twitter has been turned over to Paotie. Linked facebook & Twitter accounts.
      • Will meet with Lance about WordPress.
      • Held a meeting with Liz, Lance, and Mike S. to set up the agenda for February meeting.
      • Correspondence with Lance about pprlp.com & org plus web hosting.
      • Updated facebook.
      • Preliminary work done to set up Lance for blogging.
      • Conference with Judy and Lance about Satellite meetings.
      • Thank you to Mark for emcee.
      • Researched other areas to include in our affiliate.
    • Secretary – Judy Darcy
      • Had a meeting with Liz, Jeff Orrock – State Chair, Matt Hess – State Communications Director, and Amy Lunde-Provines – LPAC Secretary-Treasurer.
      • Entered all contact information to the e-mail Contact List.
      • Created Contact List spreadsheet.
      • Scanned copies of contact cards. Answered gmail messages.
      • Updated facebook.
      • Updated Meetup.
      • Sent out thank yous for donations.
      • Wrote up minutes.
      • E-mailed copy of proposed by-laws to contacts, posted to facebook.
      • Called suggested places to hold meetings.
      • Created sign-in sheets.
      • Created event idea sheet.
      • Created City Council Question sheet. City Council Issue
      • Spreadsheet for city council contact info. City Council Candidates 2013
      • Attended Pro-Gun Rally Colorado Capitol February 8.
        02-08-13_1459 02-08-13_1534
      • Attended LPAC Meeting February 8.
      • Attended a meeting with Liz, Lance, and Mike S. to set up the agenda for February meeting.
      • Correspondence with Tim Campbell to set up satellite meeting for District 1. Created the agenda.
    • Treasurer
      • Collected $100.00 January 17, 2013
    • By-Laws Committee – Jim Wilkerson, Mike Seebeck, Tracie McCray, Lance Haverkamp, Mike Palmer
      • Have prepared by-laws to present at February 21st meeting.
      • Would like a vote to approve for affiliation.
    • Event / Outreach Coordinator – Joel Aigner
      • Researched some upcoming events.
      • Shared information about St. Pats Parade.
      • Doing further research
      • Will have information on provided events.
    • Satellite Group Leader – Tim Campbell.
      • Would like to host a satellite meeting every other Tuesday at the Tam O’Shanter Pub in District 1.
      • Event has been set up.
  • Old Business
    • Contact information provided at the last meeting was updated.
    • We raised $100.00 toward sending out postcards. We still need to raise $112.55.
    • Susan & Paotie attended the State Strategy Session 01/26/2013.
    • Paotie is running the Twitter account.
    • City Council none of our volunteers made the cut.
    • Cards were passed out for attendees to provide contact information.
  • New Business
    • Leadership – Vice Chair. Lance has been filling this role, without objection he will continue.
      • By motion, second and “Aye” Lance Haverkamp selected as Vice Chair until elections are held.
      • Lance leaves a vacancy as point of contact for Satellite group meetings.
    • Volunteer position Satellite Group Point of Contact
      • January Brooks-Garcia volunteered.
    • City Council – What city issue is most important to you so that we can send out a questionnaire to Colorado Springs City Council Candidates.
    • Gun Rally –
      • Directed people to site maintained by Brenda Francis.
      • http://www.firearmsforcolorado.org/
      • Matt Hess spoke about his role in & his impressions of the rally.
      • Let people know about the vote March 4th.
      • Participate!
      • Carpool
      • Testify
      • Protest
      • Call your Senator
    • $ for site
      • Lance volunteered to provide server space by In-Kind donation.
      • We need to think about changing our official name from El Paso County to Pikes Peak Region Libertarian Party when we become an affiliate…that will require a lot of strategy — We need to have people discuss this and see if we can get official reps to present that to the state’s next official LP meeting; We know our region and feel that Fremont county would be better served through us etc… I think that’s a hugely important topic that should be discussed.
    • State Strategy Session
    • Kim 2013-02-28 Handout from Kim
      • Spoke on top 3 issues facing Colorado Springs
      • #1 XCel Energy takeover of Colorado Springs Utilities
      • #2 Eminent domain and the issues facing low income people in the Mill St neighborhood, including the Homeless Shelters & clinic, & the Drake Power Plant
      • #3 A 64 Implementation / opt-out issues.
      • Spoke on backers of candidates.
      • Spoke on those most likely to back Libertarian issues.
      • FrackNation
        • Screening at the Library
  • Motion to adjourn
    • Tracie made a motion to adjourn and Lance seconded.
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.

Submitted: Judy Darcy

Additional Documents: MinutesEPC_LP_Events_(prelim)

Approval Voting 

2013-02-28 Events poll

2013-02-28 City Council Issues poll

2013 Colorado Springs City Districts

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