Minutes – 2015 Annual Convention

Libertarian Party of El Paso County

PO Box 7952

Colorado Springs, CO 80933

Annual Convention
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Tilted Kilt, I-25 and Woodmen Rd., Colorado Springs


  1. Call to Order/Welcome/Introductions

Called to order by Mike Seebeck at 11:58am

  1. Credentials Report, including quorum and voting numbers

8 voting members present. Five votes will constitute a majority, 6 for a 2/3 vote.

  1. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda

Susan Quilleash-Nelson moved adoption of agenda, Judy Darcy Seconded. MSCU

  1. Director/Officer Reports
    1. Chair: Norman “Paotie” Dawson No report was made as the Chair had to be out of town.
    2. Vice-Chair: vacant
    3. Secretary: Susan Quilleash-Nelson An oral report was made.
    4. Treasurer: John Hjersman, acting An oral report, a written report is on cloud. Lance offered a thank you for John’s hard work in the last month. There was unanimous applause.
    5. Affiliate Representative: Judy Darcy A written report was passed around for perusal of all present.
    6. Director-at-Large-Education: Lance Haverkamp An oral report was made
    7. Director-at-Large-Outreach: Judy Darcy An oral report with a written accompaniment.
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Finance Committee: Judy Darcy An oral report with a written accompaniment.
    2. Volunteer Coordinator: vacant
    3. Manitou Springs Issues Liaison: Norman “Paotie” Dawson no report
    4. Newsletter: Mariana Wagner Request for information from all, so that the newsletter can continue.
    5. Media: vacant
    6. Voter Registration Drive Committee: vacant
    7. Platform Committee: vacant
    8. Bylaws Committee: Mike Seebeck
      1. Proposal 1: electronic records and votes Carried unanimously.
      2. Proposal 2: expand Board of Directors eligibility requirements. Carried unanimously.
      3. Proposal 3: expand voter registration requirement. Judy Darcy moved for an amendment, Lance Haverkamp seconded. Motion to amend passed unanimously. Proposal carried unanimously.
  2. Officer Elections, by standard balloting process
    1. Chair -– required by LPCO & state Mike Seebeck was nominated, the nomination was declined. Lance Haverkamp was nominated, nomination was reluctantly accepted. Susan Quilleash-Nelson was nominated, nomination was accepted with comment. Nominations were closed.
    2. Vice Chair Mike Seebeck was nominated, nomination was accepted. Nominations were closed.
    3. Treasurer – required by LPCO & state John Hjersman was nominated, nomination was accepted. Nominations were closed.
    4. Secretary Susan Quilleash-Nelson was nominated, nomination was accepted. Lance Haverkamp was nominated, nomination was declined. Nominations were closed.
    5. Ballots were listed in alphabetical order with NOTA last for each office. Voting was approval voting. Chair; Lance 9, Susan 3, NOTA 0: Vice Chair; Mike 8, NOTA 1: Treasurer; John 8, NOTA 1: Secretary; Susan 8, NOTA 1
  1. Resolutions/Announcements
    1. Volunteers needed
    2. Call for 2016 campaign donations and candidates. Steve Kerbel, a candidate for the Libertarian 2016 Presidential nomination gave us information on his platform and how to contact him. Susan Quilleash-Nelson, who ran for the state house in 2012 and 2014 as Susan Quilleash, made a plea for 2016 funds by saying that without funding she has increased her polls, but it was too difficult to go on, if she did not get any donations by the end of the month she would withdraw.
    3. Events Calendar (topics/dates/education and social)
      1. 4/11 – board meeting, immediately after adjournment
      2. 4/16– member meeting
      3. Book Club
      4. State convention in two weeks at the Doubletree Hotel in Aurora
    4. Location of board and member meetings
    5. Community Events
    6. Volunteer Training
  2. Adjourn

Judy Darcy moved to adjourn. Motion carried. We adjourned at 1:53 pm.

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