Minutes – Board Meeting, March 2015

Libertarian Party of El Paso County

PO Box 7952

Colorado Springs, CO 80933


Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date – Saturday, March 14, 2015
Time –11:00am
Location – 21C branch of PPLD 884-9800

  1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions Meeting called to order at 11:19am board members present; Lance Haverkamp, Norman Dawson, Judy Darcy, Susan Quilleash-Nelson. Others present; Mike Seebeck, John Hjersman.
  2. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda Mike Seebeck moved acceptance of the agenda, Lance Haverkamp seconded. MSCU
  3. Minutes from Previous meeting Judy Darcy moved acceptance of minutes of Feb. 14, 2015 as published, Lance Haverkamp seconded. MSCU
  4. Director/Officer Reports
    1. Chair, Norman Dawson – oral report, will publish to lpepc.org/cloud
    2. Secretary, Susan Quilleash-Nelson – written report
    3. Treasurer, — John Hjersman as interim treasure submitted a written report
    4. Affiliate Representative, , Judy Darcy – oral report, will publish to lpepc.org/cloud
    5. Director-at-Large-Education, Lance Haverkamp – NSTR
    6. Director-at-Large-Outreach, Judy Darcy – written report
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Bylaws Committee, Mike Seebeck – oral report
    2. Finance Committee, Judy Darcy –
    3. Manitou Springs Issues Liaison, Norman Dawson – oral report, will publish to lpepc.org/cloud with the chair’s report
    4. Newsletter, Mariana Wagner – see the newsletter
    5. Convention Committee – Location is proposed as BooDads 5910 Omaha near the corner of Palmer Park and Powers as it is central to the county. A tentative agenda was read and approved by consensus pending checks.
  2. Unfinished Business
    1. Events Calendar (topics/dates/education and social)
      3/14 – board meeting

3/19 – member meeting

4/11 – LPEPC Convention

    1. Pending Board & Committee Appointments
      1. Treasurer – required by LPCO Judy Darcy moved an interim appointment of John Hjersman. Lance Haverkamp seconde. John Hjersman accepted. MSCU. Susan Quilleash-Nelson was tasked with writing letters to the bank, post office and paypal so that John Hjersman may conduct business.
      2. Vice Chair
      3. Voter Registration Drive Chair
      4. Platform Committee Chair – required by LPCO

Mike Seebeck recommended, appointment pending notification and acceptance. Mike Seebeck formally accepted.

      1. Political Issues Liaisons
      2. Fundraising Committee Chair
      3. Campaign Committee Chair
      4. Convention Committee Chair
      5. Meeting Host
      6. Event Photographer
    1. Postcard Mailing
      1. Art Complete
      2. 5000 cards ordered
        1. Total cost?
      3. $40 label budget approved
      4. Postage budget.
    2. Community Events Judy Darcy has published a list to be acted on by the newly elected board after the annual convention.
    3. Volunteer Training
    4. Location of board and member meetings The member meeting will be 7:00pm, March 19 at Sarge’s Grill, 6436 Highway 85/87 Security. The Annual convention will be at 10:00amlocation to be determined per verification, tentatively at BooDads 5910 Omaha. The next board meeting will be immediately following the convention where the outgoing board members will brief the new board members and hand over all necessary documents.
  1. New Business
    1. There was no new business
  1. Announcements
    1. Dues for 2015 are due to remain a Contributing Member & eligible for Board position.
    2. April Meeting to be held Saturday, April 11, immediately following the Convention location TBD.
  1. Discussion/Q&A

We need topics for the monthly member meetings.

Treasurer had questions about the letters and locations.

  1. Adjourn

Susan Quilleash-Nelson moved to adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 12:56pm

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