Minutes – 2018 Annual Convention

LPEPC_LogoLibertarian Party of El Paso County
PO Box 7952
Colorado Springs, CO  80933


Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Annual Meeting
Date – Saturday, January 20, 2018
Time – 11:00 am
Location – The Tilted Kilt, 7061 Commerce Center Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919


  1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions
    Call to Order by Chair Chris Houtchens at 12:07pm
    Board Members Present:
    Chris Houtchens, John Hjersman. There are currently 3 Board Members 2 are present.
    This constitutes a Quorum.
    Others present: Susan Quilleash Nelson, Lance Haverkamp, Judy Darcy
  2. Announcements: None
  3. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
    Motion to Adopt Agenda as Modified:
    Motion: Susan, Second: John MSCU
  4. Minutes from Previous meeting
    Motion to accept absence of minutes from previous meeting. 
    Motion: Lance, Second: Susan MSCU
  5. Annual Director/Officer Reports
    1. Chair, Chris Houtchens – Verbal, commented on falling attendance and participation in LPEPC .
    2. Vice Chair, Vacant
    3. Secretary, Warren Price – absent
    4. Treasurer, John Hjersman – Written, reported bank balance of $1,321.51 as of 14 Jan 2018 and annual non-discretionary budget of $156. Lance pointed out that reduced NameCheap bill was due to his applying a coupon.  Without a coupon next year, annual budget reverts to $161.35.
    5. Affiliate Representative, John Hjersman – discussed LPCO data data dump program and identified new state fundraiser, Justin Mathew, and state convention committee chair, Roger Barris. John shared that, although off to a slow start, the convention is starting to quickly develop.
    6. Director-at-Large-Education, Vacant
    7. Director-at-Large-Outreach, Vacant
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Bylaws Committee, Mike Seebeck – No Report
    2. Platform Committee, Mike Seebeck – No Report
    3. Finance Committee Chair,  – Vacant
    4. Manitou Springs Issues Liaison, Norman “Paotie” Dawson – No Report
    5. Social Media Committee Chair, Judy Darcy – Discussed need for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat users
    6. Convention Committee Chair, Lance Haverkamp – No Report
    7. Newsletter, Jessica Senia – See Newsletter, Absent. Chris discussed increasing Jessica’s access to sites needed for distribution of the newsletter
    8. IT Coordinator, Matthew Smith & Lance Haverkamp – Discussed new hosting & CRM alternatives. National has decided to work with CiviCRM
    9. Volunteer Coordinator, Vacant
    10. Graphics Design, Amy Lunde-Provines – Nothing to report
  7. What is this???? I’ve got no information on this. Are these the open offices in EPC?Campaigns Reports (Updates if in Election Season, Summary if after)
    1. El Paso County:
      • El Paso County Commissioner 1:
      • El Paso County Sheriff:
      • El Paso County Clerk:
      • El Paso County Assessor:
      • El Paso County Coroner:
    2. Municipal:
      • Colorado Springs:
      • Manitou Springs:
    3. Bylaws Proposals: Deferred
    4. Platform Proposals: Deferred
    5. Nomination of Officers
      1. Chair Nominees: Chris Houtchens
      2. Treasurer Nominees: John Hjersman
      3. Judy Darcy Declined Nomination to Secretary.
      4. Motion to close Nominations: Susan Second: John??? MSCU
    6. Election of Officers by Approval Voting ballot
      1. Chair: Christopher Houtchens
        1. 5-0 in favor
        2. Accepted
      2. Vice-Chair
        1. NOTA 1-0
      3. Secretary: Judy Darcy
        1. 1 Write in vote
        2. Declined
      4. Treasurer: John Hjersman
        1. 5-0 in favor
        2. Accepted
      5. Future Meetings:
        1. Board Meetings
          1. Next: February 11, 208 10:00am at 740 Babcock Road.
          2. Continuing on the 2nd Sunday of the month for the rest of the year.
  • Discussion held on changing to 3rd Sunday. To be decided at next meeting.
  1. Member/Social Meetings
    1. Next: February 15, 2018 at 6:00pm
    2. Continue on the 3rd Thursday of every month at Fargo’s Pizza
  2. State Convention to be held March 23 to 25, 2018
  1. Adjourn: MCU 1:32 PM.

submitted by: John Hjersman for approval at the next Annual Meeting

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