Minutes – Board Meeting, April 2022


Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date – Saturday, April 9, 2022
Time – 3PM
Location – Tilted Kilt, 7061 Commerce Center Drive


  1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions
    Board Members present: John Angle, John Hjersman, Michael Giallombardo, Daryl Kuiper.
    Others present: Janet Turner, Mike Ciesko
    Call to Order: 3;20pm

  2. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
    Motion: John Angle
    Second: John Hjersman

  3. Minutes from Previous Meeting
    Motion: Daryl Kuiper
    Second: John Hjersman

  4. Director/Officer Reports

    1. Chair, John Angle

    2. Vice Chair, Amy Lunde

    3. Secretary, Michael Giallombardo

    4. Treasurer, John Hjersman – In writing

    5. Affiliate Representative, John Hjersman – In writing

    6. Education Director, Daryl Kuiper

  5. Committee Reports

    1. Bylaws Committee, John Hjersman –
    2. Policy Committee, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy, John Angle –
    3. Finance Committee –
    4. Colorado Springs Political Issues Liaison, John Angle –
    5. Social Media Committee Chair, Judy Darcy – See Outreach
    6. Newsletter, Daryl Kuiper –
    7. IT Coordinator, Lance Haverkamp, John Angle –
    8. Outreach Coordinator, Judy Darcy –
    9. Volunteer Coordinator, Janet Turner –
  6. Unfinished Business
    1. Committee & Director Appointments
      1. Fundraising
        1. Anthony Delgado
      2. Outreach
        1. John Hjersman nominated Mike Ciesko. Janet Turner seconded the nomination and Mike Ciesko accepted the position of Outreach Director.
    2. Volunteer Training Scheduling
      1. CRM Training
        1. Ask Amy Lunde to develop a training program.
      2. CDEP Training
        1. Ask Amy Lunde to develop a training program.
        2. Date/Location – To be determined.
    3. Schedule Next Meetings
      1. Board Meetings
        1. Michael Giallombardo will check out PPLD 21C and Westside Community Center as possible board meeting sites.
        2. Mike Ciesko made the motion to change the board meeting to the first Saturday of the month. Janet Turner seconded the motion and the motion passed.
      2. Member Monthly Meetings
        1. 3rd Thursday
          1. Topic/Speaker for April – Securing Liberty/Daryl Kuiper.
          2. Topic/Speaker for May – Meet the Libertarian Candidates.
          3. Location – Tilted Kilt
    4. Website, CRM, cloud, IT
      1. Consider upgrade to cloud service
    5. Election 2022
      1. Reach out to campaigners for their platforms/statements
  7. New Business
    1. Westside Community Center – Possible Board Meeting Site.
    2. John Hjersman is developing a new format for “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”
    3. Research Volunteer Opportunities.
  8. Announcements
  9. Discussion/Q&A
  10. Adjourn: 4:49pm
    1. Motion John Angle, seconded Daryl Kuiper.

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