Minutes – Board Meeting, May 8, 2021

Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date – Saturday, May 8 2021
Time – 2:00pm

Location – The Tilted Kilt, 7061 Commerce Center Dr., Colorado Springs CO
1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions
Board Members present: Nathan Foutch, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy, Crystina Page
Others present: Greg Lauer, Mr. Cain, Justin Carpenter, Justin Carpenter Jr, Faith Mack
Quorum: Yes
Call to Order: 1448
2. Mr. Lauer’s introduction. Currently serving as City Council; running for Mayor in November as an unaffiliated Libertarian
3. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
Motion: Nathan
Second: John

1. Minutes from Previous Meeting
Motion: Judy motions to table approval of April 2021 Minutes until next meeting
Second: John

2. Officer and Director Reports
1. Chairman, Nathan Foutch – filled oout all paperwork for Manitou Springs. Had 110 people or so that seemed to be positive, 30 that were not. Has been going through the LPCO bylaws, and will try to be completed by Monday 1300.
2. Vice Chairman – Vacant (Holding report for resignation)
3. Secretary, Crystina – Need passwords to website and laptop
4. Treasurer, John Hjersman – $648.93 bank balance, $2 in undeposited contributions. $539.54 in PayPal, totaling $1190.47
5. Outreach Director, Judy Darcy – Voter rosters have not been updated in at least four months. Governor turned over control to counties.
EPEPC.org – Need someone to answer google voice number. Nathan volunteered.
Updated events on website. Lance and Aldo have been working on the cloud. Aldo will have repaired by end of week. Will let us know what the cost is and is aware of budget. Tanner Gun Show dates. Colorado Gun Collectors Show. Festival of Lights Display dates. 12th Annual Meadowgrass Music Festival. Beards, Bonnets and Brews Festival. Judy will find more info. Juneteeth Event. El Paso County Fair. Lantern Festival. Spring Spree 5K. Pridefest. Comicon. Summertime Ice Cream Social and Pie Baking. Liberty in the Park. UCCS Job Board. Book club.
6,440 to 5,641 to 6,765 for the last 3 months.
Facebook threatening to unpublish. Reach was 275. Last month was 656. Engagement down to 34.
May – Gun Laws
June – Police Accountability
Judy motion for future meetings at 1400. Nathan seconded. MC
El Paso County Democrats 3485 to 3493
MeWe page – 81 members
Needs Picture and About Me from Crystina
Needs Speaker info to update events
Discussion regarding awning / canopies
Will work on editing pamphlets

6. Education Director, Molly Foutch – No report.
2. Director/Committee Reports
1. Bylaws Committee, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy
Bylaws clarified regarding expenditures and reimbursement
Bylaws Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday May 25 12 noon at Nathan’s house.
2. Media Committee, vacant
3. Social Media Coordinator, Judy Darcy – See Outreach Report
4. Newsletter Editor, vacant
5. Convention Committee, Lance Haverkamp – NSTR
6. Campaigns Committee, vacant
7. Education Committee, Molly Foutch – NSTR
8. Policy Committee, Have not had meeting
9. Fundraising Committee, vacant
10. Affiliate Representative, John Hjersman – Posted report
11. IT Committee, Judy reported
12. Volunteer Coordinator, vacant
13. Voter Registration Drive Committee Chairman – vacant
14. Event Photographer, vacant
15. Political Issues Liaisons,
1. Manitou Springs,
2. Colorado Springs
3. El Paso County
4. Fountain, Greg Lauer – Judy nominated, Crystina second, MSCU
5. Monument
6. Volunteer Training Scheduling


6. Unfinished Business
City Council Visitors – Neighborhood districts suggested by Nancy
5/20 –  Monthly Meeting
5/25 – Bylaws Meeting
6/17 – Monthly meeting

A. Pending Board & Committee Appointments
I. EPC Political Issues Liaison – vacant
II. Colorado Springs Political Issues Liaison – vacant
III. Volunteer Coordinator – vacant –
IV. Campaigns Committee Chair – vacant
V. Voter Registration Drive Chair – vacant
VI. Fundraising Committee Chair – vacant
VII. Media Committee, vacant
VIII. IT Committee, vacant
IX. Meeting Host – vacant
X. Event Photographer – vacant

C. Phone Call Volunteers
D. Website, CRM, cloud, IT

I. Results of Judy’s contact with Aldo
II. Results of Judy’s contact with Lance about cloud, education email password, chair email
E. Donate Button on Facebook
F. Recruiting more people
I. Phone calls between meetings
G. Outreach planning
2. New Business
A. Google Voice
B. Gift envelopes
1. Announcements
2. Discussion/Q&A
3. Adjourn 1642

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