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Minutes – Board Meeting, January 9, 2020



Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date – Saturday, January 9, 2021
Time – Immediately following the Annual Meeting
Location – Tilted Kilt

  1. Opening/Welcome/Introductions
    Board Members present:
    Tori Ciraolo, Nathan Foutch, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy, Ed Duffett by phone
    Others present: Sterling Cardin
    Call to Order: 1:32pm

  2. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda
    Motion: Judy Motion to adopt as presented
    Second: John
  1. Minutes from Previous Meeting
    Set aside to next meeting
    Motion: Judy
    Second: Nathan

  2. Newly Elected Officers
    1. Chairman, Nathan Foutch
    2. Vice Chairman, Ed Duffett
    3. Secretary, Ed Duffett
    4. Treasurer, John Hjersman
  1. Board Appointments
    1. Outreach Director,
      John Nominated Judy Darcy
      Judy Accepted
    2. Education Director,
      Judy nominates Molly
      Molly Accepted
    3. Volunteer Coordinator

    4. Bylaws Committee, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy
      Remove Tori Ciraolo
    5. Media Committee, vacant
    6. Social Media Coordinator,
      Molly nominates Judy
      Judy Accepted
    7. Newsletter Editor,
    8. Convention Committee,
      Judy Nominated Lance to continue since he has dates for filings
    9. Campaigns Committee,
    10. Education Committee, Molly
    11. Policy Committee, Chris Houtchens, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy –
      No changes
    12. Fundraising Committee,
    13. Affiliate Representative,
      Judy Nominates John
      John Accepts
    14. IT Committee,
      Judy Nominated Mike Mc Redmond
      Mike Accepted
    15. Voter Registration Drive Committee Chairman
    16. Event Photographer
    17. Political Issues Liaisons,
      1. Manitou Springs,
        Ask Paotie
      2. Colorado Springs
      3. El Paso County
      4. Fountain
      5. Monument
  1. Volunteer Training Scheduling
    1. Position Training
      1. Dates/Trainer
        Ed needs to take care of stuff at home, will schedule later.
    2. Outreach Training
      1. Prior to February Gun Show
        last 2 weekends in January
        John volunteered to be volunteer coordinator
    3. CRM Training
      1. When it’s fixed
    4. CDEP Training
      1. Date/Location
  1. Schedule Next Meetings
    1. Board Meetings
      Last Saturdays 12:30
      Nathan’s House

    2. Member Monthly Meetings
      1. 3rd Thursday
        1. Topic/speaker for January – City Council Candidates
        2. Topic/Speaker for February – End the Lockdown
        3. Topic/Speaker for March – April Election
        4. Locations – Tilted Kilt
  2. Phone Call Volunteers
    1. City Council Candidates
    2. Committees
    3. Outreach for the Gun Show
    4. Meeting attendance

  3. Unfinished Business
    1. Website, CRM, cloud, IT
      1. Jesse Robinson, in a motorcycle accident
      2. Coordinate with Mike McRedmond & Lance Haverkamp
    1. Parade
      1. 2021 – Money held over for 2021 parade
    2. Participation in Reopen activities
      1. Contacted by Douglas Carey on Meetup asking if any were being held.
    3. Donate Button on Facebook
    4. Recruiting more people
      1. Judy didn’t contact anyone from Forum
    5. Outreach planning
      1. RK Gun Show February
      2. $70 Approved
    6. Election 2021
      1. Poll watchers
      2. Election Judges
      3. Ranked Choice Voting
    7. City Council
      1. Cherish
  1. New Business
  1. City Council Election
    1. All Districts Open seats
      1. Vet Candidates
      2. Cherish – talked to today
    2. Create Questionnaire
  • City Ballot Issues
  1. Standing Rules Amendment

Amend last sentence
FINAL: Standing Rules will, in future, be documented and numbered by the Policy Committee and approved by majority vote at a meeting of the Board.

Motion to adopt as presented: Judy
Second: Nathan

  1. Computer battery
    Judy Motions to approve up to $40
    Nathan Second
  1. Announcements
    1. Dues for 2021 are due to remain a contributing member and eligible for a Board Position. $25
    2. Motion Molly’s Dues can be put off until she has money
      John Second
  2. Discussion/Q&A
  3. Adjourn: 2:19pm


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