El Paso County Libertarian Party Development Group Meeting – 03/21/2012

El Paso County Libertarian Party Development Group Meeting – 03/21/2012

Monthly Meeting Minutes of the El Paso County Libertarian Party Development Group


March 21, 2013


  • Meeting Attendees: 25 – Susan Quilleash-Nelson, Lance Haverkamp, Russell Walker, Gned – Robert, Tracie McCray, Brenda Francis, Matt Hess, Scott Allen, Robert, Mike Palmer, Jesus Raimundi, Tim Campbell, Joe Terrell, Delanie Gawlick, Charlie Aligaen, Bob Armstrong, Mike Seebeck, Dick Hashner, Barb, Page, Judy Darcy, Anthony Daniels, Bart Butcher, Bobby Irwin, Eric Schuyler, Doug Way
  • Action Group Meeting called to order at 7:03pm by Lance Haverkamp
  • Judy read the February meeting minutes.
  • Officer Reports
    • Vice Chair – Lance Haverkamp
      • Correspondence with Board members
      • Attended Agenda meeting
      • Worked with Liz on website
    • Chair – Liz Oldach – read by Judy Darcy
      • Had a meeting with Judy and Matt Hess – State Communications Director.
      • Contacted RK Gun Shows
        • $75 for a table – LPCO
        • Deadline 04/01
        • Setup 04/05
        • Show 04/06-04/07 – volunteers
          RK 1 FB A Revised
      • Updated facebook.
      • Correspondence with Jeff Orrok – Chair
      • Correspondence with Nick Sarwark – Vice Chair
      • Communications with Teller County – Larry
      • Correspondence with Commissioner Peggy Littleton that EPCLPDG backs Maketa
      • Correspondence with Board members
      • Letter to back Maketa on his stand on the 2nd Amendment
      • Hosted Agenda meeting
      • Created letter to Governor EPCLPDG 2nd Amendment support-03-18-13-a[1]
      • Created cover letter for questionnaire EPCLPDG COS Questionaire Cover Letter
      • Jeff – Mailing List from El Paso County $26
      • Designed generic business card LPEPC-Pridefest-Biz-card-front
      • Designed letterhead DG Letterhead
      • Designed graphics
        Cover cropped-LP-wp-cover11
        Note: The original Development Group logo files are missing, but these are the graphics designed by Liz after they were updated for the affiliate.
    • Secretary – Judy Darcy
      • Had a meeting with Liz and Matt Hess – State Communications Director.
      • Entered all new contact information to the e-mail Contact List.
      • Answered gmail messages.
      • Updated facebook.
      • Updated Meetup.
      • Sent out thank yous for donations.
      • Wrote up minutes.
      • Confirmed reservation for March meeting.
      • Correspondence with Joel Aigner to request information on events requested by the group.
        • He informed me that he can’t do it 03/15
      • Created the agenda for March.
      • Updated Contact List spreadsheet.
      • Scanned copies of contact cards.
      • Attended hearings at Capitol March 4 2013-03-06 Senate Minority Leader Thank you for coming
        03-04-13_1129 03-04-13_2137 03-04-13_1319 03-04-13_1137 03-04-13_1132 03-04-13_1130
      • Attended Satellite meeting March 5
      • Correspondence with Board members
      • Recruited volunteer to write up questionnaires
        • Anthony Daniels volunteered
        • Matt Hess edited & approved
        • Board approved
        • Sent out via e-mail to candidates from gmail account
        • Sent thank yous to responding candidates
        • Formatted answers for printing & distribution
      • Attended Maketa Town Hall meeting 03/15
      • Message to January regarding Satellite Groups
        • She has received no information
      • Correspondence with Russell Walker regarding alliances with other groups.
      • Received resignation from Joel Aigner 03/15
      • Looked up Territory Days $350 deadline 03/15
      • Attended Agenda Meeting
      • Attended Morse Recall meeting
      • Correspondence with Volunteer coordinator, Research Coordinator, Outreach coordinator
      • Arranged for a speaker on Morse Recall Eric Schuyler
      • Arranged for Brenda Francis to speak on anti-gun legislation
      • E-vites to meeting Thursday
      • Contacted Like-minded groups to spread the word about the meeting Thursday.
      • Sent letter to Hickenlooper via e-mail.
      • Bought paper to print information
      • Researched answers for questionnaire
    • “Treasurer” – Tracie McCray
      • Collected $35.00 February 28, 2013
      • Colorado Campaign Finance Manual
      • Printed Information for meeting
    • Event / Outreach Coordinator – Joel Aigner / Russell Walker
      • Joel Resigned 03/15/2013.
      • Russell Walker did research presented info
    • Satellite Group Leader – Tim Campbell.
      • Tim Campbell every other Tuesday at the Tam O’Shanter Pub in District 1.
  • Unfinished Business
    • We raised $135.00 toward sending out postcards. We still need to raise $77.55.
    • Raised $101.00
    • Colorado Springs City Council – Questionnaires
    • Outreach Opportunities – Vote to participate
    • Several people volunteered on the sign up sheet
    • Changing our official name from El Paso County to Pikes Peak Region Libertarian Party. Not approved.
  • New Business
    • Freedom isn’t free.
    • We need volunteers – Liz speech
    • Development Group outline – LPCO ByLaws
    • Campaign Contributions – Tracie
    • Satellite Group ideas, D1
    • Support for issues & candidates before election.
    • April Strategy Session
    • FrackNation Screening at the Library when we have 50 people.
    • Video volunteer, YouTube, meetings, social media
    • Register LP
    • Just over 2100 12/08/2012
    • 3045 03/11/2013
    • 4062 goal for end of year
    • Motion, second, passed unanimously to vote on Bylaws at April meeting.
  • Motion to adjourn business meeting, seconded, and passed unanimously.
    • Meeting adjourned at 7:44pm.
  • Speakers, discussion, Q&A, and socializing followed the business meeting.


Submitted: Judy Darcy

Additional Documents: 2010 LPCO Platform

2013 Colorado Springs City Districts

2013 ProposedLPBylaws

2013-04-02 Municipal Election Sample Ballot

AFP Pamphlet

Approval Voting


Bylaws e-mail

County Commissioner resolution

EPCLPDG 2nd Amendment support-03-18-13-a[1]  Minutes


Sample ballot



City Council Candidate responses:
City_Council_Questionnaire Bircham

City_Council_Questionnaire Collins

City_Council_Questionnaire Gaebler

City_Council_Questionnaire Gallagher

City_Council_Questionnaire Hendrix

City_Council_Questionnaire Herpin

City_Council_Questionnaire Knight

City_Council_Questionnaire Leigh

City_Council_Questionnaire McCarville

City_Council_Questionnaire Mojer

City_Council_Questionnaire Moore 4

City_Council_Questionnaire Murray

City_Council_Questionnaire Naye



Libefrtairan_City_Council_Questionnaire Kinsey



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