Minutes – Board Meeting, April 2021

Draft Minutes submitted by Crystina Page

Meeting – Libertarian Party of El Paso County Board of Directors Meeting
Date – Saturday, April 10, 2021
Time – 2:00PM
Location – The Tilted Kilt, 7061 Commerce Center Dr., Colorado Springs CO
Board Members Present: Nathan, John, Judy, Ed, Molly, Crystina
Others Present: Daryl
Quorum: Yes
Call to Order: 2:58 p.m.
1. Presentation and Adoption of Agenda: as amended
Motion: Judy
Second: Ed
2. Minutes from Previous meeting
Motion: Judy
Second: Ed
3. Director/Officer Reports
1. Chairman, Nathan Foutch – Libertarian vs. Liberal ideals; Will be
remaining in Colorado due to political envirnment, Will be running or City
Council in Manitou
2. Vice Chair, Ed Duffett – Huge turnout, event went well. Got feedback
from attending candidates regarding event. 99% positive. Ed did send
thank you notes out to the candidates. RK Gun show was also a success.
All positive feedback except for one misinformed soul.
3. Secretary, Crystina Page – Need passwords, login info, etc. No action
taken this month.
4. Treasurer, John Hjersman – For the first time we have a subscriber,
donating since February 2021 at $5 per month. He has not been to a
meeting. $713.93 in bank, $509.43 in paypal. Total $1223.36. Purchased
two rolling carts. $30 / $80. Motion made by Judy and seconded by Ed to
reimburse John for $110. Carried unanimously.
5. Affiliate Representative, John Hjersman – State convention will see
proposed changes to bylaws and platform. Report In writing.
6. Education Director, Molly Foutch – No report
7. Outreach Director, Judy Darcy – In writing – Attended four events.
Talked to Lance and Aldo. Secretary training. Google voice issues. (6557 /
6765) 98 new people listed in rolls. Message from Facebook re: restricting
and potentially unpublishing. Reach down 55% to 655 people. Need topics
for May and June. El Paso County Republicans page shut down. Motioned
to pay $1.99 / mo for MeWe. Seconded by John. Report in writing. CU
4. Committee Reports
1. A. Bylaws Committee, John Hjersman, Judy Darcy – John reqs
meeting for Bylaws.
2. B. Media Committee, vacant –
3. C. Fundraising Committee Chair, John Hjersman – No report
4. D. Manitou Springs Issues Liaison, vacant –
5. E. Social Media Committee Chair, Judy Darcy – See above.
6. F. Newsletter, vacant –
7. G. IT Committee, vacant –
8. H. Campaigns Committee, vacant –
9. I. Policy Committee, Chris Houtchens, John Hjersman, Judy
Darcy – No report
10. J. Volunteer Coordinator, vacant –
5. Unfinished Business
1. 04/10 – Board Meeting
2. 04/15 – Monthly Meeting
3. 04/16-18 – Tanner Gun Show
4. May meeting – gun laws – Crystina will reach out to Paul
Paradis to ask for speaker.
5. June meeting – bbq / fundraiser
6. Pending Board & Committee Appointments
i. EPC Political Issues Liaison – vacant
ii. Colorado Springs Political Issues Liaison – vacant
iii. Volunteer Coordinator – vacant –
iv. Campaigns Committee Chair – vacant
v. Voter Registration Drive Chair – vacant
vi. Fundraising Committee Chair – vacant
vii. Media Committee, vacant
viii. IT Committee, vacant
ix. Meeting Host – vacant
x. Event Photographer – vacant
7. Postcard Mailing
8. Postage budget already approved John and Judy will find
9. Phone Call Volunteers
10. Website, CRM, cloud, IT
i. Judy contact Aldo
ii. Judy contact Lance about cloud, Aldo, secretary email
password, education email password, chair email
11. Parade 2020 – Money held over for 2021, Will be readdressed in
January 2022.
12.F. Participation in Reopen activities
i. Polis reneged.
ii. Unknown activities pending
iii. Monument
13.Donate Button on Facebook
14.Recruiting more people
i. Phone calls between meetings
15.Outreach planning
i. RK Gunshow wrapup – 24 new contacts, 2 lost volunteers
due to mask mandate, $20ish
ii. Election 2021
1. Election Results – Ed will email councilmen and
invite to 3rd Thursday meeting.
6. New Business
1. Tanner Gun Show April 16-18
i. Booth Fee – $85
ii. Ed Motioned, Nathan seconded, UC
7. Announcements
1. Dues for 2021 are due to remain a Contributing Member &
eligible for Board position.
2. May Board Meeting to be held at Tilted Kilt.
3. Discussion/Q&A
8. Adjourn – Crystina Motion to adjourn 1632, John Seconded. UA